What is a recovery?

A recovery is a special and stealth way of adding money to your account

Can I get banned?

No. Our ban rate is 0 and it will stay that way

How long will my recovery take?

We will do your recovery within 12 hours, it will take around 30 minutes to finish it.

Does your services work on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

No. Modding does not exist on consoles as of yet.

Can I work for you?

Probably not but ask us at our Discord server

Why is platinum higher than diamond?

Because its a metal and you can make panzers out of it, deal with it


Welcome to the Mods & Hugs Community.

Recovery Services/Our Paid Services
Read more about our recovery services at the “Shop” tab. We offer several different packages at good prices, and have good reputation.

-After you have purchased a recovery service, please contact Klaus Ze Flammenwerfer the Owner on Discord. You can contact them via our Discord server, which can be found on the contact page.
-Recovery services work by letting us use your account to boost your account with stats, K/D, RP, money etc.
-Logging into your account is 100% necessary.

In case of a Ban
In the event where you do get banned because of buying a recovery from our website with the package that includes a account back guarantee, we will offer you a new account as a compensation. Our ban guarantee lasts for 6 hours, which is the approximate time it takes Rockstar to ban you for ‘fraudulent’ activity.

In our server the following rules apply.

  • Racism is okay to an extend, its not okay when somebody warns you. Being both a dick or a snowflake is not okay.

  • Do not spam.

  • Do not advertise other services or servers. If you see someone else advertising other people’s services, please report them to the staff immediately.

  • Do not abuse staff mentions or DM's (Direct Messages).

  • Do not mass tag in any of our servers.